Mitratus Butterflyfish

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The Mitratus Butterflyfish, also known as the Black and Yellow Butterflyfish or the Indian Butterflyfish, is yellow with a bluish coloration on the dorsal fin. It has two black stripes that run diagonally and a bold stripe across the eye that is black above, and orange below.The Mitratus Butterflyfish will do well in a 120 gallon or larger aquarium that provides ample hiding places and plenty of room to swim. The Mitratus Butterflyfish prefers aquariums with live rock so that it may eat the algae. It also feeds on worms, bottom dwelling invertebrates, along with plankton. It is not considered reef safe.

In the aquarium, the diet can consist of finely chopped crustacean meat and mysis shrimp.

Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1-1/2″ to 2-1/4″ Medium: 2-1/4″ to 3-1/2″


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