Red Devil

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The Red Devil is often referred to as the Red Devil Cichlid. The Red Devil’s main background color is peach to yellow with some specimens having a white underside. The fins are often white or highlighted in white.

The Red Devil requires a tank of 50 gallons or more, with plenty of room to swim as well as stones for hiding. Because it is a digger, it is best to put the rocks on the bottom of the tank and not stacked. If stacked they could be knocked off causing damage to the fish. The Red Devil has a very aggressive personality, so choose his tank mates carefully. Red Devils should only be housed with other fish that can defend themselves.

An open spawner, Red Devils are not particular about their spawning substrate. Spawning will occur on horizontal, slanted, or vertical hard surfaces, with as many as 1,000 eggs being dropped at a time. The Red Devil forms pairs, making a nuclear family, with both parents caring for the fry. Larvae hatch after 3 days and are placed in pits for protection. In an additional 5 days the larvae are free-swimming, and the young eat a mucous secretion produced from the skin of the parents.

The Red Devil is an omnivore. They prefer a balanced diet of foods such as Cichlid pellets, ocean plankton, quality flake food, and occasional brine shrimp or bloodworms.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1″ to 2″


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