White Spotted Dwarf Goby, Biota

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The Biota® Captive-bred White Spotted Dwarf Goby is also known as the Grooved Dwarf Goby. The sometimes-flighty goby naturally occurs in the Western Pacific Ocean from Indonesia to Australia as well as island groups north of Guam and south-east to Fiji and Samoa.

The Biota Captive-bred White Spotted Dwarf Goby is a great candidate for the nano or larger reef aquarium since it will not bother corals or small decorative crustaceans. Initially, these brick red colored gobies can be nervous or jumpy so be sure your aquarium is covered with a tight-fitting lid or top.

The Captive-Bred White Spotted Dwarf Goby has other unique advantages over wild-harvested species. For one, the Captive-Bred White Spotted Dwarf Goby is very hardy and more accustomed to conditions found in home aquariums. Therefore, it makes a great choice for novices and seasoned aquarists alike. The Captive-Bred White Spotted Dwarf Goby can also be kept with a variety of other smaller captive-bred fish.

The White Spotted Dwarf Goby’s diet should consist of a variety of brine shrimp, frozen mysis shrimp, and frozen food preparations as well as marine micro pellet food for omnivores.

Approximate Purchase Size: 3/4” or larger


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