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    • It contains all the micro-nutrients (trace elements, selected amino acids, natural vitamins) needed with the bacteria. It also provides a surface for plants to selectively assimilate through cells.
    • It increases the performance of bacteria in the environment. It reduces nitrate, phosphate and carbohydrate in the environment to tolerable levels. It retains unwanted particles floating in the water and improves the quality of the aquarium water.
    • Redox increases its potential and, accordingly, reduces the risk of infection. Increasing Redox value also minimizes contamination by minimizing fish mucus discharge. When BIOPTIM is used with BIO DIGEST, the aquarium environment is strengthened. As a result, it is possible to see clean aquarium, healthy fish, resistant plants (not algae), healthy invertebrates,
    • Prodibio Bioptim 12 has 12 ampoules.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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