Orangebanded Stingfish

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Hobbyists looking for an envy-inducing oddball for the venomous aquarium will find a truly unique specimen in the Orangebanded Stingfish.Able to bury itself in ambush up to its high-set eyes, what truly sets this well-camouflaged fish apart are its pectoral rays which resemble “claws.” The Orangebanded Stingfish uses these for both prey capture and locomotion across the muddy sea floor.

Provide a 50-gallon or larger aquarium with enough substrate for the Orangebanded Stingfish to bury itself. Since they are carnivorous hunters, only house with other fish that won’t make tempting prey for their large vacuum-like mouths.

Choridactylus multibarbus is known to adapt to prepared foods fairly well. Begin with
live ghost shrimp and wean to frozen/thawed
mysis shrimp.

Dorsal, pelvic, and anal spines should be avoided as they are capable of delivering a painful and potentially harmful sting.

Approximate Purchase Size: Small 1″ – 2″ Medium 2″ – 3″ Large 3″ – 4″


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