Orangetail Dottyback

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The Orangetail Dottyback is an elusive Pseudochromis that until recently made sporadic appearances in the aquarium trade. For this reason, detailed information regarding the Orangetail Dottyback is difficult to obtain. However, it is easy to see why this diminutive Dottyback is highly-sought-after by hobbyists. Demonstrating sexual dichromatism, the male and female Orangetail Dottyback clad two very different, yet uniquely attractive color schemes.In regards to dichromatic species, females are generally thought to be drabber in coloration. However, it is the female Orangetail Dottyback that demonstrates the namesake orange colored tail. The dominant body color of the female Orangetail Dottyback is a muted brown with a hint of dusky pink. In contrast, the male Orangetail Dottyback is predominantly a soothing midnight blue. This sedate body color is energized by a brilliant contrasting gold coloration that encompasses the lower half of the head and body. Iridescent vertical barring adds the finishing touches to the showy male Orangetail Dottyback.

The Orangetail Dottyback tends to be relatively more introverted compared to other gregarious Pseudochromis. Therefore, the ideal setup for the Orangetail Dottyback will be an established saltwater aquarium of at least 30 gallons in size aquascaped with generous amounts of
live rock. Create ample crevices and cave for the Orangetail Dottyback to seek refuge. Upon acclimation, the Orangetail Dottyback will tend to venture no further than its favorite shelter. As the Orangetail Dottyback becomes accustomed to its new environment, it will explore greater distances. Similar to other Dottyback species, it is recommended to house the Orangetail Dottyback singly unless the aquarium is very large.

The diet consists of meaty foods including
vitamin-enriched brine and
mysis shrimp and other
prepared frozen foods.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1-1/4″ to 2-1/4″


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