Knifefish are perennial favorites for exotic home aquariums. This Glass Knifefish is no different, with its unique body shape, transparent color form, and peaceful demeanor. Like many other bony fish, however, the Knifefish can grow to an impressive 16″ in the home aquarium. Therefore, they are best kept in systems of 100 gallons or larger.

Like other members of the Gymnotiformes order, Glass Knifefish have a well-developed weak electrical organ that helps these nocturnal fish maneuver the dark waters of their South American homeland. Members of the scientific community have even used Glass Knifefish to study human neurology.

In the home aquarium, however, observation of this non-aggressive fish is equally rewarding. Also known as Green Knifefish, due to their slight green hue, these fish thrive in large, well-planted aquariums decorated with a variety of hiding places within rockwork and plants. They also prefer dim lights, so use more subdued lighting or offer cover with floating aquarium plants. Since these fish are very social amongst their own species, it is best to keep more than one together in the aquarium.

Breeding fish lay their eggs in plants. However, if you want the fry to be raised successfully, either they or the parents need to be removed to a separate aquarium. Breeding in the home aquarium can be difficult because one needs to stimulate the rainy season to encourage spawning.

Feed these omnivores a varied diet of live and frozen foods, including pellets, flakes, tubifex, shrimp, and mosquito larvae.

Approximate Purchase Size: 3 1/2″ – 5″

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