Liquid biological activator based on photosynthetic bacteria and selected probiotic bacterial consortia for biological transformation (biodegradation) of organic matter. Probiotics are living microorganisms that are regularly administered in sufficient quantities, which benefit the target system, in this case, the aquarium. The integration of probiotics enriches the bacterial biological diversity of the aquarium by improving indoor biochemical cycles as in nature.
PROBACT is made with non-pathogenic microorganisms that can metabolize organic pollutants, even only in prohibitive conditions.
PROBACT is used in all situations in which fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds need extra support for the start-up and subsequent management and due to the large amounts of organic load that the biological overload system needs to be eliminated.


– Immediate increase of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial populations (and relative production of enzymes) that can metabolize contaminating organic matter, even in high concentrations or weak biodegradable form;
– Probiotics synthesize and release vitamins of group B, used in the cellular metabolism of other non-pathogenic bacteria in the aquarium. This prevents bacterial metabolism and thus the reduction of water-soluble oxygen, while improving the rate of biodegradation;
– PROBACT bacteria synthesize and release molecules with antibiotics and antiviral effects that prevent the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, thereby disinfecting the treated system.
– Thanks to the properties of the formula, the high metabolic rate of PROBACT bacteria also facilitates nitrification and denitrification processes.
– It is an easy-to-use liquid product that can be used without risk.
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